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In this post I am going to share my system with you: a few simple rules which -if adhered to- will ensure most of your conversations end up in mutual fun.

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Why do guys keep insisting on getting their cock out in the hope one girl will single them out and get turned on by their meat when clearly, this only works very sporadically? Make sure you have fake yahoo messenger and skype accounts (obviously, do not use your real name).

What few guys seem to realise, is that what usually turns girls on is not the sight of naked flesh: it is the process of flirting and seduction. Also create a fake facebook account, as some girls do not have skype or yahoo, and facebook chat now includes webcam streams.

Girls love to flash guys, they enjoy teasing them, and they love to be flashed back… Be ready I like to bounce the girl to a web messenger (skype) as soon as I get a chance – this way, she stays in your contacts for future fun, and it gets her to invest in you from the very beginning.

Yet, why is it that, if you have ever spent an hour on omegle, the whole site seems like a sausage fest, and the few girls that are online seem to ‘next’ you as soon as they see your cam? It also protects you from the risk of getting disconnected.

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