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Legrand laments the references to Beach House as being "wafty, wavy, floaty, dreamy," and insists on the band's loudness and all-encompassing soundscapes they create: "We are a loud band.OK, so it's not abrasive, but it's not soft." Legrand wishes her audiences would focus on the craft of their songwriting.“If you’ve only two sets of hands, it really governs how you write and, for me, it makes everything more essential.Beach House is vocalist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally, a pair of musicians who have honed a particular breed of haunting, lovelorn indie-rock.’ We tried to intellectualize it, and it didn’t work.There were different plant-names, Wisteria, that kind of thing. But, once we stopped trying, it just came out, it just happened.As such questions are tossed at them often the duo also shares the common interest of explaining to people that they are not dating, not related and did not grow up together.

She then hustled it on over to Baltimore, but somehow in the era of chicken pox their ships missed each other in the night, and Victoria soon moved on to the glamorously rural Cecil County, Maryland.There’s a reason for this, says Alex Scally, and that’s because he and bandmate Victoria Legrand always approach the job of writing new material in the same manner. “We start with a drum beat or a chord progression or a melody that is really exciting to us.“In some ways, we’re very limited as a band by how we work,” he explains. We keep playing it and we let the inspiration take us where it wants to go. When something becomes formulaic, it loses that power.” The Baltimore duo’s releases certainly possess a power.Vocalist and organist Victoria Legrand, who graduated from Vassar College in 2003, and guitarist Alex Scally, who graduated from Oberlin College in 2004, formed the band in 2004 after meeting in Baltimore's indie rock scene, producing music composed largely of organ, programmed drums, and slide guitar.Of the origins of the band name, Scally said: "We’d been writing music, and we had all these songs, and then there was that moment where you say ‘what do we call ourselves?

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