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It appears typically in page declared as UTF8 but in reality stored in Latin1. In such case, even if the browser return HTML, Firefox does not store it in his cache. Another way to have this icon is to disable the cache of Firefox in the about:config.Without being able to read all characters of the page, the extension is not able to validate the page. but since it is solved in Firefox 1.5 beta, I do not worry to much about it.Though it's best known as a powerful text editor favored by UNIX developers, Emacs can be used to work with XML in non-UNIX platforms such as Windows, MS-DOS, and Mac OS.Emacs (see the sidebar Emacs in a nutshell) works as a full-blown development environment for processing text, writing applications, and, as I'll discuss, creating structured information like XML and SGML.Normally, schemas using the RELAX NG XML syntax, Schematron schemas and the XML documents to be validated are expected to be served using an XML content type.Schemas using the RELAX NG Compact Syntax are expected to be served using You may check the “Show Source” checkbox to show the decoded source of the document being checked.When you run a webpage through the W3C HTML Validator, it is checking for validity.Up XML was designed to have an extra set of rules called “well-formedness” rules.

If you are not happy with the guessed preset, you can specify a schema either by selecting a preset or by entering a space-separated list of schema URLs ( XML types is not enforced.

The differences between the 2 algorithms is explained below. Both uses different algorithms: Here is a SAMPLE 3 (Test yourself) with a good HTML page given by the webserver but with Java Script inserting, inside the HTML, a HTML error.

When using the HTML Validator extension, you will encounter some icons depending of the errors in the page. for one reason below: - when the protocol is about: (ex: about:blank) - or when the page is an URL defined in the exception list of URLs that should not be validated (in the Options...) - or for some advertisements in frames (when tidy.options.validate_ads=false) .

Thus, if it encounters a well-formedness error, it now fails validation.

This article still holds true for generic SGML parsers. The DTD informs the user agent as to which elements and attributes may exist in the document and where they may be.

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