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I solved the excessive chippiness and rust problem by unscrewing the enamel top and turning it around 180 degrees.

I know that doesn’t solve the problem, but it is a heck of a lot less noticeable now, since I can put the bad spot against a wall.

Not only is that time you don’t have, but it could lead to errors, which would be embarrassing.

Here’s what you need to consider before deciding to link a table or graph from Excel to Power Point: If you still want to link the cells from Excel to the slide in Power Point, scroll down to see how to do it.

It’s that machine with all the stiff twirling metal wires that looks like it could take your fingers off if you slipped. Then I just polished it up with the Bar Keepers Friend.

And the paint sort of fell off the label while I was taking it off the table. The color used was Benjamin Moore’s Azores, but mixed at Home Depot in their semi-gloss Behr paint.

For multiple-table updates, there is no guarantee that assignments are carried out in any particular order.

If you set a column to the value it currently has, My SQL notices this and does not update it.

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