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xt=urn:btih:5bb1480d5316f229bb71be55b56b06278de41a67& @wkretzsch - I personally don't know at the moment about any torrent sites - but for me I wouldn't want to trust torrent links as the source for my infrastructure testing.

Box updates and provisioner downloads were already painful, but recently, have been beyond notoriously slow.

After installation has finished, the software version number will be updated.

The software version number is usually displayed in the bottom-right corner of a game's title screen.

Take note of the two files called Addons 16and Addons 18 If you are unsure about doing this you could always navigate to the Database folder using a File Manager and take a copy of them first.

(That’s what I did) One at a time highlight the file and bring up your Context Menu and select DELETE.

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