Roy qiu and rainie yang dating

And as the “good friend”, would you want to create trouble for your friend? If Rainie wanted to clarify something–and obviously, she had it clear in her head what she wanted to say–why would she want somebody else’s presence there, knowing that presence will distract from the message she wanted to say? And I wonder how it felt to be in the same room seven years after the three of them were involved in a “scandal” with Mike being pointed by the media and Roy himself as the third party to his break-up with Rainie. And this is not just our ordinary lives people, this is the entertainment business where you should mind your own scandal! Ah Ze, how did it feel to see your ex come in the arm of the “third party” despite seven years that passed?

After they finished purchasing the item, they held hands again to shop for clothes.TAIPEI - Taiwanese pop star Show Lo is not hiding his love life any more, after he was photographed having a rendezvous with Chinese social media celebrity Zhou Yangqing in Shanghai, said Taiwanese newspapers.Zhou, 26, is the first girlfriend Lo, 35, has acknowledged in his 20 years in the limelight, said China Times.Rainie Yang and Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao were caught holidaying in Tokyo!Rainie and Ronghao have been dating for a year plus.

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