Paddy mcguinness dating show

The 9.15pm show sees Keith, Paddy and a host of special guests recreate some of Hollywood’s most famous films.

It is an opportunity for Paddy to step into the shoes of stars like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, Harrison Ford in Star Wars and Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.

That took parents, husband doesn’t like to see paddy's rhode island web cam them naked and performing sex acts over a webcam and i’ve been to germany and united.

The female contestants can be seen looking shocked as Paddy was hit off his feet.

Paddy's stage was invaded last week in a shock moment.

Clearly Luke is really hoping to meet the love of his life, by any means necessary.

We also got to see Tasha and Harry's date – and let's just say it was pretty hilarious from start to finish.

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