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And Diamond was equally grateful for the crowd, “You shouldn’t do that,” he told them after a modest standing ovation mid-set, “I’m going to get spoiled and I’m going to have to stay very late tonight.” Of course, the crowd cheered more.

Even Diamond’s exit from the stage before his encore was gracious—he thanked each section before leaving.

By Todd Everett The holiday season and the recent release of an album of '60s rock standards provide plenty of special material for Neil Diamond's tour, currently moored at the Great Western Forum.

You’ll find an odd mix of people at a Neil Diamond concert.

The fans draw comfort from the thought that if Neil, 70, had a cosy home to return to, he’d be less inclined to leave it for the stage; and critics have long made a link between the solitariness of his nature and the faintly morbid material he writes.

But last week came news that he is getting married. This time to Katie Mc Neil, a 40-year-old Californian video producer whom he met two years ago while making a concert documentary.

I’m lovestruck.” Not a great deal is known about Katie.However, embattled music retailers will shake it off next week: Country-pop…By Justin Kroll Legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond has inked with WME.Audience members included Stevie Wonder, Jane Fonda, Michael Keaton, Ringo Starr, Lena Dunham, Kris Jenner, Trevor Noah, Barry Gibb, Berry Gordy, Herbie Hancock and Wiz Khalifa, who was curled up with Amber Rose.Lorde danced excitedly as seven-time Grammy nominee Chance the Rapper hit the stage, where he sang and rapped.

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