Mpdiff xml failure validating management pack

You use this tool to generate a XML report of what was added, deleted, or changed between a source and a destination Management Pack. In addition, you might not see rules with blank names in the Management Pack if they are marked as deleted.

If the management pack contains invalid XML, the cmdlet does not import the management pack and raises an error.Import the management pack to understand the importing process and to validate that this management pack is correct.For additional instructions about how to import a management pack, see How to Import a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007 R2 ( Notice that some sections in the code example have been expanded to contain empty subsections.Management Pack Differences (MP Diff) is a comparison application that identifies the changes that have occurred between two management packs. It can be run against Operations Manager 2007 management packs up to Operations Manager 2007 R2 management packs.Unlike a traditional XML diff tool, MPDiff does a true Operations Manager 2007 R2 SDK compare.

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