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Males have male sexual organs, make more testosterone than females, are often larger overall, may be more colorful, etc. in the US, women earn significantly less money than men for similar work; in Saudi Arabia men are allowed to drive cars while women are not; in most of the world, women do more housework than men; in some countries, women alone are allowed to own land; in others, women themselves are property.Females have ovaries, produce more estrogen, gestate young or lay eggs, may be samller generally, more subdued in coloration, etc. Since the recognition of gay rights, sex and gender have become politicized terms. You are right about domus, though (where was my mind? We need to decide whether you are talking about “correctness” or “usage”.

But this simple fact changed the face of the program from a kind of rapid update email client into a a much quicker, more free form style of communication.

hile chatting up a friend I know from no place except instant messanger, I casually dropped my dime theory about ICQ vs. Since I discovered ICQ and AIM virtually at the same time, and never bothered to investigate the history of either, I always thought that the sudden decline in ICQ and simultaneous rise of AIM was due to AOL taking over the market by making a superior product.

For the short time I was using both interfaces, I noticed that AIM was much better for shooting through the many babble conversations most AIM users are now familiar with, for a simple reason; In my version of ICQ, and this was in 2001, I had to take the mouse and click "Send" to send a message on, whereas in AIM, all I had to do was hit the carraige return.

So which one is more correct and more importantly which one should I use?

It would be great if you can base your answers on facts, references, or specific expertise rather than just personal opinions.

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