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Monsarrat will not be involved in running the service, both Singh and Monsarrat said.“Because I won’t be in the administration anymore, any lingering doubts people might have about this won’t be there anymore,” Monsarrat said.Tellingly, its strengths lie in the fields of engineering, science and technology, and its exclusivity involving which students they accept means that only the very best make the cut.

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our principal constituancies are students, faculty, staff and alums of mit, harvard university and wellesley college.

MIT’s real selling point is its expertise at transforming the buds of its students’ technology ideas into hugely successful businesses.

Described by Bill Clinton as having ‘the best technology-transfer program in the country’, MIT graduates have started thousands of companies in what they term their own ‘living lab’.

That's a far cry from six years ago when it could only manage tenth place. Widely known as MIT, the Institute admitted its first batch of freshmen in 1865 following an effort by reputed natural scientist William Barton Rogers to found an educational establishment with a focus on the practicality of industrialising America.

Today, MIT’s five schools and one college house 34 academic departments along with world-class laboratories and numerous other facilities.

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