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Some hermaphrodites have a more dominant sex organ, while others have a combination of both sexual organs with no clearly-defined dominant organ.

A true hermaphrodite is someone born with both ovarian and testicular tissues.

This is natural and very discouraging if it does happen to your grow and that is why many growers are very careful and wary about this issue.

Even though it rarely occurs and can seldom be seen from a healthy grow room, the different hybridization and even genetic modifications done by some breeders can cause this malady to appear in a supposed to be healthy batch of growing marijuana plants.

By producing seeds, it is able to continue the strain because the seeds will grow to another batch of growing cannabis that will continue its race.

Thus, with hermaphrodites, the race is preserved and can continue its existence.

If that still doesn't provide the results you are looking for, you can always start over from the home page.The term “hermaphrodite” is applied to human beings who possess both male and female genitalia, however, this biological condition is very rare among humans.There are three types of hermaphrodites: “true,” “female pseudo-hermaphrodite,” and “male pseudo-hermaphrodite.” The main difference among these three hermaphroditical types is the nature of the sexual organs. You have found the Hermaphrodite Forum on Forum Jar.This forum is a place where people who are interested in Hermaphrodite come together and discuss about Hermaphrodite.

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