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In my defense, I can clean up my dirty mouth in appropriate situations.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman getting an education, working and being her own person, but believe it or now I also have very conservative views when it comes to gender roles, children and marriage.

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And before you say that those that live in glass whore houses shouldn’t throw stilettos (or however the saying goes), I actually do each and every thing on that list except for my potty mouth.

As a dating coach, I often explain the roles each gender plays in dating.

Let me start by saying that I define dating as only the first 4 - 10 dates depending on the couple.

I think this subject matter is a hot-button issue, especially with the political environment pushing equal pay for women. The reality is, while men might be flattered by the attention and pursuit by desirable women, deep down inside, their DNA makes it impossible for this to become the new norm.

I agree with softening the burden on men to pay for everything. Yes, there certainly are many instances with couples swapping gender roles, i.e.

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