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Yet Irish men and women do have distinctive traits and qualities to be admired. Many Irish have a lively sense of humor and are fun to be around. You probably won’t have to wonder what’s going on in your relationship. To know why you should consider dating an Irish person, start with these reasons: 1. Irish people typically are deeply devoted to their clan. So take care to open the door for your Irish girl and never turn up for a date without flowers.Also it would be a good idea to pay for the date, especially if it is your first one. Along with your partner, attend a parade, visit a pub, don your green attire, and maybe learn more about why this venerable saint is celebrated each year. We think it’s worth a try—if you can find a four-leaf clover. Such as “Never bolt your door with a boiled carrot” and “Marry a mountain woman and you will marry the mountain.” 12. Your Irish partner comes from the land that introduced the world to mashed potatoes, whiskey, chocolate milk, Guinness beer, and corned beef sandwiches. Since stress isn’t a prevalent factor for the typical Irish person, they move quickly past daily challenges. Your dates will not be filled with gaps in conversation. There’s an Irish love ritual in some regions of Ireland: If a woman eats a four-leaf clover while thinking about a man, he will fall in love with her. Irish people have plenty of stories to tell — and usually like to tell them. You can discuss many thought-provoking Irish proverbs. These people don’t let daily stresses weigh them down. Among the countless creative geniuses emerging from this land are actor Daniel Day-Lewis, authors Oscar Wilde and C. Lewis, poet Seamus Heaney, and musicians Enya and Paul Hewson (aka Bono of U2). No need to sidestep issues—go ahead and speak your mind. If you date an Irish person, you would be wise to study up on your European geography. You’ll have a personal tour guide to a stunning country.

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Check out our free and paid Singles Events To read more about our Dating Safety Tips click here. Read more…Welcome to Match, where dating is simple, fun and always on your terms.Popular notions about the Irish are usually about a hard-drinking, jovial guy who can sing and dance at the drop of a hat.Fortunately or otherwise, stereotypes about Irish women are less frequent, although expectations can differ from reality in this case too.Before you begin to chat her up, find out a bit about her country, its history and culture so that you can come off as geographically aware.Treat her like a lady Irish women love it when men court them in a traditional way.

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