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Facebook is gradually forcing users of its mobile app to download the Facebook Messenger app to their smartphones and tablets in order to continue using the chat feature.This move has led to a backlash against the social media giant, and it’s not just because Messenger is a separate app that takes up a lot of extra device memory.Secret's founder David Byttow has caught some flak for ignoring complaints that his app is enabling online bullying.He didn't help matters when he replied with a flippant tweet to an article concerning Secret's potential for triggering teen suicides. Ironically, most of the complaints in the reviews have to do with pre-teen complaints flooding the app. Secret just pulled in roughly million through investors, on top of millions they'd already raised.Create your FREE account now, All you need is a valid email address.

Users can rate profiles and find potential hook-ups via GPS location tracking. The good news is, this app pulls information from user’s Facebook profiles, so it is more authenticated than other apps.The site has been linked to Internet subcultures and activism, most notably Anonymous, the alt-right and Project Chanology.4chan users have been responsible for the formation or popularization of Internet memes such as lolcats, Rickrolling, "Chocolate Rain", Pedobear and many others.The two co-founders were originally Google employees, so it's not too surprising that they found deep pockets to fund their venture. Mostly that it's a ripoff of the incredibly popular Post Secret, which discontinued its app.As a forum for sharing information, it appears to be chiefly dominated by teens and tweens.

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